Keep up with your new year resolution with these skills

2 weeks into 2019 and many of us are already struggling with keeping up with our new year resolutions. Be it taking care of yourself, spending some more time with the family or cutting off time on social media, its always a challenge. This year lets take this burden off our shoulders and Alexa do her job. Fulfil these resolutions with the help of some Alexa and let Alexa help you out!


1. Meditate:

As hard it is quiet our minds, Alexa makes it easy with skills like Indian Flute, Gregorian Chants, Relaxing Buddha, etc. The most popular skill in India is the Indian Flute, with over 600 reviews.

The skill is available to be enabled in India, US, UK, Canada and Australia.


2. Increase your productivity:

Working effectively and productively is always a challenge as the mind keeps wandering off. To cut off all the distractions, good background music can work wonders. Alexa has many skills like Relaxing Jazz, Tai Chi Music, Happy Music to keep you focussed on your work and thus increase your productivity.

The skill Relaxing Jazz is available to be enabled in India, US, UK, Australia and Canada.


3. Spend more time with your family:

With a hectic schedule, it gets difficult to spend time with our family every day. To make it easy and super fun, Alexa has skills like Would You Rather for Family, Fact or Fib, True or False for Family, etc. These skills are kid-friendly and you thus do not have to worry about any awkward moments or questions.

Would You Rather For Family has been awarded as one of the best skills of 2018 on Amazon. It is available to be enabled in India, US, UK, Australia and Canada.

4. Spend some ‘me time’:

Away from the hustle and bustle of every day, hectic routines, it is very important to take some time out for yourself. Be it in the morning, evening or afternoon. Alexa has a variety of skills for you to choose from. Enable Happy Music or Morning Music to wake up fresh. Or enable skills like Relaxing Jazz and Relaxing Buddha for some quiet time all by yourself.

Happy Music is available to be enabled in India, US, UK, Canada and Australia.


5. Learn something new:

You’re never too busy or old to learn something new! And Alexa makes it even easier to learn something new now. All you have to do is enable the skill Vocabulary Master. The skill will help you learn new words every day in a fun way.

The skill is available to be enabled in India, US, UK, Canada, and Australia.