This summer beat the heat with some amazing Amazon Alexa skills! Let the kids enjoy their summer break with gaming skills and let yourself go with some relaxing sounds like healing music and relaxing jazz.

1.Healing Music:


This is a perfect skill to relax your mind and body in this summer. The skill is developed by Voice Games. It will put you at peace and help you rejuvenate your body and mind to reduce stress and makes you feel better. To start the skill just say ‘Alexa, open Healing Music’.

Enable the skill here :


2.Would You Rather for Family:



Not exactly an educational game, but it is sure to bring the entire family together. A very successful skill launched by Voice Street, an addictive game and great to play with the kids. It provides you with silly, light-hearted situations and asks you to choose one, and tells you if the rest of the world agrees with you or not. An even more exciting part is, a Christmas edition to the game has just been launched! Hundreds of new questions are added in the new edition for you to enjoy the holiday season with your kids! To begin playing all you need to do is to tell your echo “Alexa, Play Would you rather”.

Enable it here :


3.Either Or:



Make the summer get-together fun with this great skill of Either Or, made for your Amazon Echo by Voice Games. This is a simple fun game but also addicting where you have to answer some of life’s most challenging questions like would you prefer to be completely hairless or completely covered in hair. This is fun for the entire family and has suitable questions for all ages. Get this amazing fun skill from Amazon.

Enable it here :

4.Relaxing Jazz:


This relaxing skill is developed by Voice Games. It helps you to create an ambiance of relaxation and meditation regardless of the location or time. This is perfect musical accompaniment for meditation, yoga and complete relaxation. The sound will loop automatically and play until you say ‘Alexa, stop’. You can also limit the time by setting the sleep timer for as much time as you want.

Enable the skill here:

5.True or False for Family:



This skill is developed by Voice Games and is an amazing brain teasing trivia quiz game where you decide whether the statements are true or false. You can also choose to play by yourself or with friends or family. You can also go ahead and challenge your friends. You’ll be amazed by the astonishing questions and the explanations for each answer. The questions are also appropriate for each age and include all categories like History, Sports, Science, etc. Play this amazing game at a Sleepover party or to simply pass time.

Enable the skill here :