Amazon’s family game picks

This holiday season, find the perfect family game! Amazon features 12 skills for you to play with your family and make the most of the holiday season. The best part of the skills? All of them are kid friendly¬†and you won’t have to worry about any awkward moments or questions.

Two of the skills of Voice Games, Would You Rather for Family and True or False for Family are featured in the same list. Here’s something about the two skills:

True or False for Family:

As the name suggests, True or False for Family has questions which are to be answered as being True or False. The game is kid friendly and is one of the best skills to be played with the family. The game has many categories for you to choose from like Food & Drink, Geo, History, Music, Science, Sports etc.

The game is also available in Premium edition with extra categories included in the same. The skill is available in India, US, UK, Australia, and Canada.


Would You Rather for Family:

One of the most popular skills in US, Would You Rather for Family has many categories available. The skill is also available in Premium edition which has categories like Travel, Christmas, Superheroes, etc. available! The game can be played in single player. The skill is available to be enabled in India, US, UK, Canada, and Australia.