Alexa simplifies everyday tasks. Alexa, the voice assistant, has gained widespread popularity. Alexa also offers a range of gaming skills. In this blog, we will delve into the top gaming skills that Alexa has to offer, which can enhance your gaming experience.

Trivia Battle

Trivia Battle is a daily trivia game where players from various states battle to get their state to the top of the smartness leaderboard. With thousands of challenging questions, Trivia Battle promises to provide heaps of fun and learning for all audiences.

Questions are based on a variety of topics such as history, science, math, sports, general knowledge, entertainment, etc.

INSTRUCTIONS: Trivia Battle is a game where you help your state climb the leaderboard faster. Your points count toward your individual standings, but they also count toward your State. You play eight questions every day.

STATE LEADERBOARD: The state leaderboard shows how many points your state and other states have earned. Say, “Alexa, check the state leaderboard” to see the state leaderboard during the game.

PLAYER STANDINGS: The player standings show how many points you and other players have earned. Say, “Alexa, check player standings” to see the player standings during the game.

PREMIUM CONTENT: You can help the state climb the leaderboard faster by joining Trivia Club. The Trivia Club member gets 5 bonus questions every day, and each bonus question is worth double the points.

Either Or

Either Or for Kids is a simple but addicting game where you choose between two lighthearted and silly situations. Will the rest of the world agree with your decision? You have to try the skill to find out!

Enjoy hundreds of fun, family-friendly questions on various themes like Magic, Superheros, and Hogwarts to keep all ages entertained for hours. Play Would You Rather at a sleepover, at a party, on family game night, or simply to pass the time. Questions are continually added, so check back often for updates.

MULTI-PLAYER MODE: You can enjoy the game with your entire family in multiplayer mode. You can play by yourself as well.

POINTS: Earn two points for each question you play, and it doesn’t matter if your response matches the majority. There is one account for the entire family, so points for your parents and siblings count towards your account and help you climb the leaderboard faster. More reason to play with the family! Remember, Tuesday and Thursday are double-point days. Earn 4 points for each question you play.

LEADERBOARD: The more you play, the higher you climb the leaderboard. You can access the leaderboard by saying, “Alexa, show my leaderboard.” BADGES You can earn Explorer and Expert badges for each edition. You can get an Explorer badge on completing the first round of an edition. You earn the Expert status once you play five rounds of the same edition. To access your badges, say, “Alexa, my badges.”

PREMIUM CONTENT: You get instant access to 100s of new questions in three new premium editions.  You get new editions every month means unlimited fun.