Trivia Battle is a daily trivia game where players from various states battle to get their state to the top of the smartness leaderboard. This adds a sense of state pride and encourages players to do their best to make their state proud.

With thousands of challenging questions, Trivia Battle promises to provide heaps of fun and learning for all audiences. Questions are based on various topics such as history, science, math, sports, general knowledge, entertainment, etc.

How do I play “Trivia Battle” on my Alexa?
To start a game, say, “Alexa open Trivia Battle” or “Alexa play Trivia Battle.”

In Trivia Battle, you get 8 questions every day, with a mix of multiple choice and true/false. Every time you answer, Alexa tells you how you did, gives you a few more fun facts on the topic, and then lets you know how your opponent scored and gives you the current running point totals.

When the final question is answered and the winner is declared, you find out where your state is in the rankings.

While you can only play once per day, keep coming back every day to climb the individual leaderboard and help your state rise in the ranking.

State Leaderboard
The state leaderboard shows how many points your state and other states have earned. Say, “Alexa, check the state leaderboard” to see the state leaderboard during the game.

Player Standings
The player standings show how many points you and other players have earned. Say, “Alexa, check player standings” to see the player standings during the game.

Premium Content
Join Trivia Club to get five bonus questions each day worth double points. Help your state climb the leaderboard faster.

In Trivia Battle, players represent their state and compete against others to see who knows the most trivia. The Players Standing displays players’ scores and rankings, and State Leaderboard highlights the top-performing states.

By climbing up the player rankings, players can demonstrate their knowledge and trivia skills while also representing their state on the leaderboard. This feature adds a sense of community and friendly competition to the game, motivating players to do their best and make their state proud.