Top 5 Alexa Skills to Help You Sleep Better

Get some peaceful sleep and help yourself relax completely with these amazing amazon Alexa skills by Voice Games. The relaxing sounds will help you fall asleep peacefully and make all that tension and stress disappear. Check out some amazing skills like the Magical Campfire and the Ukulele Music.

1.Magical Campfire




This  Amazon Alexa skill is developed by Voice Games and is a perfect relaxing sound to help you sleep well at night. It not only helps to sleep well but also to study better with the sounds of Campfire. The relaxing sounds are perfect to help you sleep deeply and can also be used as background sounds. Let this soothing and calming sounds help you relax by just saying “Alexa, Open Magical Campfire”.

Enable the skill here:


2.Healing Music  



This relaxing sounds skill for amazon Alexa will put you at peace and help you rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. It is the perfect sound to help you relax and sleep deeply. It is also useful for accompaniment for meditation and yoga and for complete relaxation. The relaxing sounds help you sleep and this relaxing music can also be used as background sounds and meditation music. You can limit the time of the sounds.

Enable the skill here:


3.Ukulele Music



To start this relaxing sound just say “Alexa, Start Ukulele Music”. This skill is developed by Voice Games and will help to put you at peace. It will help you rejuvenate your body and mind and can be used as a powerful tool for relieving everyday stress and is a perfect sound to help you with deep sleep and more. By default, the sound will loop automatically and play until you say “Alexa, Stop”. The relaxing sounds help you sleep well.

Enable the skill here:


4.Relaxing Jazz



One thing that ensures to help you slack off after a long day at work is Jazz music. Be it a pizza and wine kind of night or a morning coffee and book kind of morning, Jazz music is the perfect music to lounge. The skill, developed by Voice Games provides you with the perfect relaxing jazz music that will help you relax and rejuvenate and to help you with deep sleep. It will help you to create a relaxing ambiance at any time of the day.

Enable the skill here:


5.Relaxing Buddha



Relaxing Buddha creates an ambiance of relaxation and meditation regardless of the location or time. This relaxing sound is developed by Voice Games. It is a perfect accompaniment for meditation, yoga, healing and complete relaxation. It helps you sleep well and also relieve stress. To start this music just say, “Alexa, Launch Relaxing Buddha”.  

Enable the skill here: