We all wish to sit and enjoy some quality time with our family. So let’s make it more fun and simple by enabling some amazing Alexa skills on your amazon echo. Enjoy the quality family time by getting the Alexa skill for Family like True or False for Family or Weird but True.

1. Would You Rather for Family



A perfect game to bring the entire family together, a very successful skill launched by Voice Games, an addictive game and great to play with the kids. It provides you with silly, light-hearted situations and asks you to choose one, and tells you if the rest of the world agrees with you or not. An even more exciting part is, many editions have been launched of the game like Christmas edition, Mother’s Day edition, etc.! Hundreds of new questions are added on a regular basis! To begin playing all you need to do is to tell your echo “Alexa, Play Would you rather”.


2. Weird but True



Make your family time some fun learning time for your kids as well. Make learning fun for them by getting the skill of Weird but True. This skill is created by Voice Games. It a fun way to learn new things as by providing data from all over the world, it helps in widening and developing yours and your entire families knowledge about the fast-moving, happening world which always has something new to leave you awestruck. To start learning all you need to do is say “Open weird but true and give me a fact” to Alexa. Happy learning!


3. True or False for Family



This skill is developed by Voice Games and is an amazing brain teasing trivia quiz game where you decide whether the statements are true or false. You can also choose to play by yourself or with friends or family. You’ll be amazed at the astonishing questions and the explanations for each answer. The questions are also appropriate for all ages and include many categories. Play this amazing game at a Sleepover party or to simply pass time or to spend some quality time with your family.


4. Marriage Jokes



Have a good laugh with your partner by enabling the skill Marriage Jokes which is developed by Voice Games. These are jokes on Husband and wife and married life. It will make you both laugh and make your entire family enjoy these jokes thoroughly. Each joke is hand-picked and perfect to make you laugh, like ‘Listening to your wife is like reading the terms and conditions of a Website. You understand nothing, still you say, I agree’. Enjoy these jokes by just saying “Alexa, open marriage jokes”.


5. Kiss Marry Kill



This is an amazing skill developed by Voice Games to help you have some fun and enjoy. This skill compares your feelings about popular celebrities to the rest of the worlds. The skills present a celebrity and you decide if you’d rather kiss, marry or kill them. To enjoy this amazing skill all you need to do is say ‘Alexa, open kiss marry kill