The first step to developing a voice skill for Alexa is to figure out the content that is worth putting out in the market. You have to make sure the content is well-curated, well-researched, and appeals to the audience all over the world.

All this makes the task of selecting the type of content a very difficult one, and once you actually start collecting the content, it might become quite mundane.

To make this herculean task simpler, here are a few tips on how the content of your skill should be to make it a success:

The content should be-

1. Unique

Research on content that is unique and still not available in the market. Alexa is a very novel concept in many countries and thus has a wide scope for new skills. Sit and brainstorm on the content that you or your family or friends might need in their daily life that might make their lives easier. If the content is not unique and the idea is already present in the market, make sure your content is better than the competitor’s.

2. Useful

Just because your content is unique does not necessarily mean that it will be useful to everyone. The idea is to give the world such a skill that once they use it, they require it every day. Make the content useful, informative, or entertaining. Give the audience a reason to use the skill.

3. Well marketed

content must be well marketed in order to reach the targeted audience. Although, the success of the skill does not entirely depend on the marketing of the skill, and if the skill is extremely entertaining, informative, or useful for the audience, it will be successful irrespective of the marketing. But marketing is a very effective way to get an edge over competitors. Use marketing platforms like Facebook and Instagram for marketing your skill and content.

4. Curated

Curating your content in one place gives you clarity about the skill as it gives you a big picture. Make sure the content matches the theme of your skill and that there are no grammatical errors.

5. Proofread

Proofread your content as many times as necessary to finalize it for the skill. There should be no errors in the language as that may create a bad impression on the users. Make it as user-friendly and easily understandable as possible.